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$500 to Support Tin Tin Feeding for August 2022

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Always on my mind
This sweetheart looks like our Tin Tin (Avi) so of course she has stolen my heart.
I pray she steals your heart!
She is one of the 110 children being fed for 120 consecutive days with the Tin Tin’s Care Feeding Program in the Southern Philippines.
The month of July funds for the feedings have been covered but as we head into August the Program needs $500 to keep feeding and caring for these children and many more.
Not only are the kids receiving physical food but they are receiving the Bread of Life – The Gospel message. Families are being ministered to as well as just the children. Jesus can change lives. You probably have your own testimony of how Jesus has changed your life. If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior find a Bible , either an actual hard copy of a Bible or go online and find the Book of John and start reading.
Not only does this Tin Tin “lookalike” need help with food but she needs medicines for a lung issue. Please help Ting Ministries Team on the ground purchase medicine.
$500 for food
$100 for medicine

Update on Jeny

She is now with Ting Ministries Care Workers and being helped with medicines as we await some possible help with large hospital costs for her. Keep praying some doors are opening to get her the care she needs. In another post I will share a new photo of her.
In the meantime…
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Thank you for making the ministry on the ground possible in Ukraine Romania Russia Pakistan Indonesia South East Asia and Philippines
Micah 6:8

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