Pakistan, Sponsor

From the Brick Kiln to the Tin Tin House

Currently there are 19 children in TinTin House in Pakistan and we have.more children waiting and wanting to come live in the Tin Tin House.
The only obstacle – lack of enough funds to expand.
All the children are receiving an education for the first time not just in their life but in their families lives -breaking the cycle of slave labor and illiteracy. The children also receive spiritual nourishment and are being taught the Gospel.
Some of the children have families still trapped in slavery labor and a few of them belong to the families Ting Ministries has been able to free from the brick kiln slave labor but want to stay at the Tin Tin House to continue their education while their families work to grow new businesses and to build their lives of freedom.
Please help us to purchase blankets and clothing for these children who only owned the clothing on their backs. Each family has a story and each child has a story.
Please help us continue to bring families off the brick kiln and into a life of freedom. Please help us educate these children and expand the House so more children can begin their new life of literacy and freedom.
Micah 6:8
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