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A Cry For Help: The Freedom Fund and Tin Tin’s House

WE ARE RAISING FUNDS FOR THE “FREEDOM FUND” to free entire families from Brick Kiln Slave labor but we need your help!
WE HAVE the people and team in place to legally free these families and set them up in apartments with new employment, opportunities, education and the Gospel. But we can NOT free them without help.
You do not need to travel overseas to help. You can help right now from the touch of your phone or a pen. Every penny adds up quickly so please help Ting Ministries and our Pastor and team. Our Pastor has an overflowing church and some of our brick kiln families have been attending church. We have a Sunday School on the one brick kiln and medical clinics monthly when the funds are available.
It seems it is exciting for so many to raise funds to travel overseas for missions. Why is it not even more exciting to get involved while still here in the USA? It is such a blessed joy to give and to know you made a difference for ONE. Just think you could free 1 entire family for the cost of 1 plane ticket and travel expenses. Don’t think you have to travel. You can do missions right now and the Lord sees your heart and gift.
Ting Ministries is a voice for the voiceless please hear my voice crying out for help!
Ting Ministries can not do this without funds. Three entire families have been freed to date ( with 7 more families waiting) and we have 17 children taken from the kilns into our Tin Tin House to get them out of this slave labor while we work to free their families.
We need to keep the Tin Tin House operating monthly – food, education, spiritual education, clothing and necessities. We desperately need $1,000 for their immediate care and Tin Tin House expenses.
We are a small non-profit serving a big God.
Every Donation is tax deductible and will go directly to our Pastor and Team in Pakistan.
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon,PA 17042
Proverbs 31:8-9

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