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Not a Mistake, but Hidden Treasure

Philippians 4:4 – August 2021

Ting Ministries Friends,
Please take a look at the photo below. This wall hanging was taken off the store display and hidden in a corner to send back as soon as the mistake was noticed. Do you see the mistake? Everyone saw this misspelling as a mistake – except me. This picture to me is a treasure. I would have paid double for this treasure if that is what it would have cost for me to take this treasure home.
You see, this “mistake” is a hidden treasure. This picture is an allegory of my precious Avi. What most saw as a “mistake” (a child born from a rape; with multiple, severe special needs; never progressing past a 6-month developmental age) I saw as a rare and precious jewel… a life with more meaning and purpose than anyone could imagine except for our Lord who gave this gift of Avi to me…to us. He gave her her to me for a time…Not a long enough time and with every breath, I long to hear her sweet giggle, touch her soft beautiful fingers and hold her in my arms.
So you see, this discarded picture to me is a treasure…a very present reminder that my Lord sees my tears and hears my heart. My heart’s cry is for each story, each life, each soul brought into my view by each of Ting Ministries’ pastors and partners.
Each life – Each child – Each soul matters.
You can help us at Ting Ministries reach 1 at a time. You can help us change 1 life at a time and save 1 soul at a time. Each one is a precious, hidden treasure waiting to be seen – sometimes tucked in a corner out of view of everyone – except our Lord. He sees, He hears, and He moves.
Please help Ting Ministries and our teams overseas reach one soul at a time. See our website: www.tingministries.com for current projects. You can see some of the fruit of your gifts….such as the beautiful, completed Tin Tin House in the Philippines and the continued rescue of the Brick Kiln children and families.
Our overseas teams are at work in: Indonesia, Pakistan, South Asia, the Philippines, Russia, Romania, and Ukraine. Please keep Ting Ministries in your prayers.
We would love to share about ministry at your church, small group or more! Each gift is tax deductible.
To give:
By Mail: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042
1 Thessalonians 5:23-24
All for the Glory of our God,
Brian and Stephanie, with our girls and Teams around the world

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