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Sasha Performs at the Chinese Spring Festival Gala 2018!

Sasha performs “Three Inches of Heaven” for Bucknell’s Chinese Spring Festival Gala 2018!
Xin nian kuai le! Happy New Year!
At the gala, Sasha was able to share about her two sisters, Hope and Brittain.
Listen to the audience (a lot of Chinese students, families, and faculty) react when Sasha shares the news that this will be Hope and Brittan’s last Chinese New Year without a family.

We’ve stopped at this place, afraid to go any further
Not allowing sorrow to make an appearance
On the next page, the goodbye you hand-wrote
I cannot refuse

We’ve walked this path too hastily
To embrace is not what I’m am truly longing for
It’s too late, I could not wait anymore to look back and appreciate
The scent of magnolia cannot protect against wounds

Don’t look anymore at the sunlight peeking through the clouds
Don’t search anymore for the heaven we had decided upon
Don’t sigh anymore, you said it yourself that humans are transient
Unable to get three inches of daylight
The place where I loved you was heaven..
If you’d like to help Hope and Brittan come home, please visit:

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