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South Asia Update: Pastor Sends Prayer Requests

Want to pray with our Ting Ministries partners, but don’t know what to pray for? Pastor Sanga sent an update from Bangladesh with some prayer requests!
“Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ those who have received training and they may have faithfully involve in their respective fields. Pray for new believers so that they may have strong faith in the Lord’s and make disciples in their neighbors and different villages where never preach the gospel and who are still living in the darkness. Pray for team unity, bond, strong, boldness, encouragement and in their responsibilities what we have assigned to them in their harvest fields.”
Here is the latest update from Ting Ministries Bangladesh:
Pastor Sanga’s co-workers visited a village near the border of Burma. It is a long distance away took three and half days to reach. There are 15 families in this village and there is often local unrest since the village is near the border. The villagers never heard the gospel and after sharing gospel seven people have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. Praise the Lord! And at last they built a church and his co-workers trained them in discipleship. They promised “we will be teaching and sharing to our family members what we have learnt and heard from the training and they will surely join in our belief.” Pastor Sanga asks for prayer for this village that they would grow in their faith!
Sharing about baptism

Praying for those who have been baptized

Sacrifice shrine in the remote village

Sharing the Gospel in the village, where 7 people accepted Christ as their Savior!

Our TM missionaries crossing the river to get to the village

Sharing gospel to guardian and head of the village about eternal life and salvation. After sharing gospel, he received Christ. Praise the Lord!

Reading Scripture at a new church planting celebration
Dear friends – Ting Ministries cannot do what we are doing without YOUR help! All our work depends 100% on our loyal supporters!
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Help build an orphanage for 30 Bangladeshi orphans! These children currently scrounge in the remote villages and are looked after by our TM missionaries when they travel from village to village. We are helping Pastor Sanga build an orphanage for the children to live in, receive meals, and go to school. To donate please go to: www.paypal.me/tingministries and specify Bangladesh Orphanage
Lean more about our Bangladeshi Pastor Families waiting for Sponsors on our Become a Sponsor page.
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