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Help Provide a Motorbike in South Asia

A TM evangelist climbing with a pack of shoes for village children

Dear friends, thank you for your support of Ting Ministries and our families, pastors, missionaries, and children all around the world. We could not be doing this without your help. 

One of our areas of work is with pastors and unreached tribal groups in Bangladesh. TM missionaries face heavy persecution, while risking their lives to travel through the jungles to reach remote villages. Yet they persevere because they are called to share the gospel. Right now, they are walking and climbing through the jungle; the journeys are arduous, taking several days and facing obstacles on the way. For the safety of the team and to make the trips faster, we would like to meet the need of a motorbike for TM Bangladesh. The motorbike will cost 2,404 USD. 

Can we come together to help provide a motorbike? Pastor Sanga and his team thank you for your help. They are always so grateful – imagine how blessed they will be, knowing people across the world care about their protection and about sharing the love of Jesus! 

If you would like to give towards the motorbike: 
1) Use the PayPal button on the side of our website.
2. Write a check out to Ting Ministries, 904 State Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042. 
Please specify Motorbike for Bangladesh

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