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Hannah ‘Hannie" Qiao Carpenter is home – Nothing is Impossible with God

God heard and answered Annie’s prayers!  God heard and answered all of our prayers!  Thank you to everyone who prayed…thank you to everyone who gave to Annie….many asked…will they make it in time…All things are possible – BELIEVE without DOUBT…

Hannie is proof that miracles can and do happen.  Do not let others tell you something is impossible!  Believe for the impossible. 

June 27th at 4:00 pm Hannah Qiao Carpenter was officially adopted in Changsha, China.  Annie or “Hannie” turned 14 years old the very next day – June 28, 2016.  She was literally adopted within hours of her aging out of the adoption system forever!

Proverbs 31: 8 – 9

James 1:27

Beautiful Hannie….no longer an orphan without a name…without a family…without love…without a future!  Will we step out and adopt again…YES…there are so many children in need of a family!  So many with such potential…so many that just want to be loved  What do orphans want the most…they want a family.
Ellianna was so happy to have her big sister home!
Three of the Severn Carpenter girls on the ride home from the airport in D.C.  July 8, 2016
Recent picture of Tolik Carpenter adopted from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
from “Friends – Dnepropetrovsk” Animal Rescue…
find them on Facebook…all help is appreciated…Marina and her staff of volunteers work so hard to help Ukrainian animals in such need!
Tolik has deformed front paws but he is an amazing little guy who we love dearly!  He is a great therapy dog!
Seed Carpenter also adopted from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine!  What an amazing girl she is…she has three legs but nothing stops her from having fun and loving her family!  We can not imagine life without Seed.  She is a momma’s baby and is such a smart girl.  She is an amazing therapy dog also for Ting Ministries and her family!  SEED you are a seed that has been planted and God has an amazing story yet to write with you! 

Ellianna and her best buddy BEN!!!

Our Ministry partners visiting from the Philippines
Malen, Michael and Michaela from Home for Good Foundation
So much amazing stuff happening in the Philippines

In the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou, China
wearing our Adoption Airfare t-shirts

July 6, 2016

The seven Carpenter girls
left to right

Avigayil – Philippines
Sasha – Russia
Angelina – Pleven Bulgaria
Olyvia – Ukraine
Hannie – China
Rachele – Ukraine
Ellianna (Ting of Ting Ministries) – Taiwan

stay tuned…2 more on the way from China…
one in medical need
another needing a family asap
God will make a way…nothing is impossible
Believe without doubt

Pray for Hope Noelle and Naomi Jordyn
more to follow soon…

updates on ministry in the Philippines
China and Pakistan coming soon also…

LIFE HAS BEEN A BIT BUSY….now off to the pool and then the beach!

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