November 11, 2023: A Super Busy Day for Ministry Around the World

Saturday November 11 was a super busy Ting Ministries day in many parts of the world!
Ting Ministries USA traveled to West Virginia and what a blessed day it was!
I will start by sharing is a huge praise on this Sunday that is saved for bringing awareness to the Orphan and vulnerable children around the world!
Over 700 children were fed and received small gifts for early Christmas blessings. These children are from some very forgotten and poverty stricken areas and islands in the Southern Philippines 🇵🇭
Many lives were changed for eternity. See the video and reel that will be shared later today! Only God can change a life and it’s a huge WOW!
Baptism in the Sea 🌊 💙

The Power of one!
So today on Orphan Sunday, Stand Sunday and Pure Religion Sunday consider how you might be able to partner with Ting to be a Voice for the Voiceless ❤️
We were not able to quickly raise enough funds to feed all the children that we were expecting in the Philippines on Saturday so…God did something amazing!
From our Pastor/Director of all things Tin Tin in the Philippines 🇵🇭:
Let me share to you sister the amazing stories before this big gathering of the children -When we shared the vision of the gift givings for the children. Most of the team and staffs cried… most of then sold and shared their personal belongings like cellphones and watches and other things. V and I share the old vehicle and we all used it to shoulder the expenses for the gift givings. We were able to raised enough for the fare, foods and gift packs.
God is truly amazing! Wow! Wow! Wow!
What can you do differently so that you can be a blessing to someone in need! You never know but it might be what leads them to want to know more about the Jesus you serve!
Stay tuned for Pakistan photos from 3 separate outreaches yesterday as the Ting Pastor traveled many miles with the team to serve and be a blessing to brothers and sisters in Christ and those in great need living in homes built with sticks!
We can still use your support for the Tin Tin Feeding Program for the Tin Tin House and for the next feeding because we did not nearly reach our goal but wow God provided because many gave their all so these children could be blessed! I am humbled and full of joy to know so many lives were changed!
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