This Week in Pakistan: Persecution and Medical Needs

This week in Pakistan

Many of you may have heard about the churches and Bibles being burned and brothers and sisters in Christ being persecuted this past week in Pakistan! The Ting Teams continue the on the ground work amidst the growing difficulty.
You could help ease the pain for brothers and sisters in need! The photos attached show just a glimpse of the week and those in need!
Food packs are desperately needed for Christians in flooded outreaches. $20 per family will provide some of the poorest of the poor with basic necessities.
School fees need to be paid so the brick kiln children who we have been able to educate before their families are freed, orphans and Tin Tin House children may continue to receive an education! This is one of the best ways to keep these children from becoming trafficked.
Many urgent medical needs weekly – bandages for those who are victims of leprosy, medical care for a brick kiln slave laborer to have the rods removed from her previously broken leg and more!
Churches are being burned and we are rebuilding our church. We used the bricks and materials from the demolished building to rebuild but now we need a roof! The roof and the cement needed to finish the building will cost us $1,200. We need help to make this happen.
There are 5 families waiting for freedom from slavery. Many young children in these families work all day every day making bricks – help Ting Teams bring the entire family to freedom and a new life.
The Gospel is being shared one by one…by word of mouth and with Bible in hand! Help these brothers to feed their families as they bring the Gospel to hungry souls!
Your gifts are 💯 percent tax-deductible and will go immediately to Pakistan to our Pastor and Director who is on the ground working day in and day out for the Kingdom of our God.
Your gifts and shares encourage him and the team!
Or by check-
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