Support for Flood Victims

Ting Ministries Philippines 🇵🇭
The Tin Tin Feeding Program is up and running in 2023! ❤
●Support is needed for the February feedings! $650.00
●One of the teams is traveling to another city where another one of the feedings takes place and immediate help is needed! $300
The focus is not just the feeding of the children but the whole family unit and how to make lasting change so families are strengthened. The Gospel is the answer and with each feeding the Gospel goes out.
Please keep The Tin Tin Feeding Program in your prayers and support with any amount you are able. Each donation is tax-deductible .
February is Tin Tin’s Birthday 🎂 month and special programs will take place to 🎈 celebrate her life and legacy!
Ways to give👇
On the homepage of the website
Or by check to: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon Pa 17042
Thank you!
Photo: Tin Tin Food Outreach to flood victims January 26, 2023

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