Changed for Eternity: Heading into 2023

Because of your love, prayers and gifts to Ting Ministries countless lives are being blessed and changed for eternity.
This is just a glimpse of one outreach in one country( this is Pakistan today Christmas eve day).
Ting Ministries began in 2009 in the Southern Philippines all because of one tiny orphan in a very broken body. She became our princess and the joy of my life. The joy continues even in my grief as I watch countless lives be impacted with the Gospel because of her story!
Merry Christmas from Ting Ministries and may you truly know Jesus Christ not just as a baby in a manger but as your Risen Savior.
I miss you every breathe Avi – Tin Tin but my heart is overjoyed seeing the light and joy in the hearts of those unseen and forgotten by the world.
In 2023 help Ting Ministries continue to he a Voice for the Voiceless
Isaiah 9:6


Starfish ⭐️
A few short months ago she was a brick kiln slave laborer with her entire family. She was burned horribly and became known to us at Ting Ministries. She and her extended family were freed from slavery labor because of your help and love. Now she attends school with all these friends and cousins.
It matters to the one!
Join us …your year end gifts can change a life for eternity!

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