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Happening Today: Dance Competition in Ulyanovsk

●●●●Pray for our Dance Team in Russia!●●●
They are on their way to their first ever competition!
Pray for safe travels on the road and for these young hearts!
We love you Lera and Team and are so proud of you!
A HUGE THANK YOU TO A SPECIAL SOMEONE and the blessings for Ting Ministries Russia that make ministry possible!
May the joy and love of the team bless those in attendance!
Dance Dance Dance!

So excited for their first competition as a group and Lera will also compete individually.
Cheer them on!
Offer well wishes and prayers!
The competition is in the same city where Brian and I traveled in 1997 to adopt Natalya Aleksandra which forever knit our hearts and lives to our family in Russia. What a story God has written and it continues!
So exciting!!
Stay tuned for photos and videos of the Ting Ministries Dance Team!

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