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Freedom Fund Family Update: January 2022

This family is living in extreme poverty. In the next photo you can see where they sleep…bricks and straw. They are Brick Kiln Slave Laborers. These parents want 2 of their children to come live in our Tin Tin Home. We need help to expand our current home. We already have 24 children living and going to school full time in our home and we are working on expanding so we can say yes to this family and more but can not do it without your donations. We will help this family with their living conditions, food and clothes with your help. Our eventual plan is to free this family but we have 7 more ahead of them to free.

This is what they have. At least 2 of these children could come stay at our Tin Tin Home and receive a good Christian education but we need your help.

This family is also one of the poorest Brick kiln slave laborer families. Their daughter needs medical treatment and asked our Pastor/Director of Ting Ministries for help.. We can help them and get her to the correct medical facility but we need your support

This precious mother asked for our help yesterday. She is desperate to get off the Brick Kiln as a slave laborer. She has NO DEBT but has no place to go and no ability to find living arrangements or new work. We can help her immediately with your help. We can put her into safe housing and also educate and care for the children during the day while she works in better conditions and for more money. We just need your help to move her to safe housing and cover her expenses for a time until she gets on her feet. We also desperately need support to keep the Tin Tin House operating and for the expansion.

This precious family is also so very poor as you can see by looking at their living conditions. The older man has serious health issues with his back and needs immediate medical care.

This poor Brick Kiln Slave Laborer is making food for her child with what little she has. Help us meet her physical needs.

These girls have very urgent medical needs and will need ongoing treatment.

This beautiful little girl may also have the same form of skin issues and we need to get her treatment as soon as possible! Please help us meet these needs.

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