My Heart’s Dream: Now Official

My heart’s dream since that day in March of 2011 when I flew out of this Southern City in the Philippines with my tiny beautiful princess on my lap…to fly to Manila to complete her adoption..
My heart had a dream to one day build a home in her city of birth to help more children be loved and cared for and to ultimately come to know Christ as their Savior.
Ting Ministries
Tin Tin House
Officially has a title and a registration to operate in the Philippines with the government approval!
Our Pastor spent the past week in Manila meeting with government officials and we now have registration and approval in our hands.
Just wow and ONLY GOD!
NEVER on that day in 2011 did I dream that my princess would go home to the Lord in 2018 (at almost 12 years old) and I would be left to ache to hold her and love her here on this earth.
The ache and grief of missing a child never goes away and each day my heart feels the same pain as the day before in its loss and grief BUT GOD…BUT GOD…
I found the joy in life is giving…giving of your life to others. Literally…Nehemiah 8:10
“…for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”
So with each soul saved…each life touched…each child rescued…each family fed…there is JOY. The joy of the Lord is not a worldly happiness. It is a touching of the heart into the Spirit of God and there is a joy that can only come from the Eternal God of the Universe Himself…this is found only in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
If you don’t know Christ as your Savior please contact us at Ting Ministries and we can tell you more about our Savior and Salvation. You can begin to know more by reading the Book of John in the Bible.
So in this post…I praise the Lord for His Joy and for allowing the Tin Tin House to be completed and Officially recognized by the Filipino government to begin to take in children.
Some exciting Ministry opportunities have now been opened to help child soldiers find love and true freedom. Weekly Street feedings will continue and children will be cared for by our Team and family in this region of the Philippines.
Please consider joining as a prayer partner and also a financial partner. Your Year-end-gift would be a huge blessing.
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon, PA 17042
Thank you and God bless and may the Joy of the Lord be your strength.

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