Pakistan, Sponsor

The Justice of Your Cause

Psalm 37:6
He will make your innocence radiate like the dawn,
and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun

Ting Ministries Pakistan

These families need a voice. Ting Ministries is their voice. You can become their voice too. Please help us to rescue these families from Brick Kiln Slave Labor. The one family has difficulty working due to health conditions but are forced to work every day.
Ting Ministries will not only pay their debt so they can legally be freed from Brick Kiln Labor but then we set them up in a safe home and assist them in finding other work so they can care for their family. We will continue to support them as needed.. The children are given an education for the first time in their entire family ‘s lives. They are able to attend our Pastor’s church and learn about the Gospel.
Currently our Tin Tin House Pakistan has 19 children and many more waiting to come. Most are children of the Brick Kiln slave laborers. Here they are safely cared for and all their needs are met. They are also receiving an education and the children are so excited to learn.
You can help be a Voice for the voiceless.
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon, PA 17042
Consider an end of the year donation. Consider doing a fundraiser for Christmas such as a cookie sale.
Think outside the box!

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