South Asia

Abigail’s Story: Parts 1 and 2

“My name is Abigail. Since my grandparents we are all Buddhist. I have three children.
I used to work all day long at cultivation in the field. But we do not have any rest days because soils are not fertile and we didn’t get enough food from the cultivation. Besides, we do not have any other income in our village and places.
Since my grandparents are Buddhist, we used to practice as per our Buddhist traditions. But I really wasn’t satisfied in my heart at this. Because we didn’t see any differences such as activities, behaviors and lifestyle etc. One day I was very much thinking and disappointed about our religion and just during that time someone told me in my ears that you should change your belief. I looked around to see who spoke to me about this but I didn’t find any person. Since then, I told my husband everything that I have faced in my heart. My husband also agreed with all of my thinking. Then, one day my husband and I joined the fellowship in our village which they used to do Bible studies every night. During the Bible studies, the topic was “Christian family” (Ephesians 5:25). The ministry leader was sharing in detail and nicely and our hearts were delighted because we never ever heard that kind of words. After the finish, the Bible studies group has invited us again to join every next fellowship. We used to join and during the topic was “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me (John 14:6).The Pastor’s sermon was very powerful and touched in our hearts that without Jesus there is no way, truth and life. After the fellowship service, we invited the pastor to our house and shared with us again about eternal life. Then, we know we are sinners and we confess our sins and pray to Him for forgiveness. And accepted Jesus Christ is our Lord and personal Savior.
Since we changed from our religion, God is so blessed in our family, food, lifestyle and everything. Our hearts are full of peace, love and harmony. Our God is a true and living God. He controls everything. We thank God for choosing us as His sons. We really thank God for responding to all of my thoughts!
We are always joining the Bible studies and church services. We really enjoyed the Bible studies and church services. We are learning more and more about the word of God. We are also trying to share about the word of God to our neighbors. Please pray for us.”
Please join us in praying for Abigail’s family, and other new believers in South Asia! We are blessed to hear of their delight in the Lord and how they are sharing the Gospel with their neighbors. If you would like to send a message of encouragement or a gift of financial support to your South Asian family in Christ, please:
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