“How Can I Help?”

This post first appeared on April 13, 2021 on Facebook, from Stephanie Carpenter, co-founder and director of Ting Ministries:
I always am asked, ” How can I help?”
You can help by donating to Ting Ministries. You can do your own fundraiser and donate. You can share by social media or word of mouth about the tremendous needs in each country where we have teams doing “on the ground and person to person” ministry work. Our teams are meeting physical and spiritual needs.
These photos show only 1 outreach done by one team in the Philippines. These photos show the food outreach to the poor victims of a recent fire. They are receiving rice and are so very grateful for this small gift. How many of us would be happy just for breakfast, lunch and dinner of rice? If your child would be starving you would be ever so thankful!
CHANGE YOUR PROSPECTIVE that there is nothing you can do! You can do something to help. If each one who reads this post would donate 10 dollars that would add up quickly. Pray and get involved. Every penny donated goes directly to Ting Ministries teams.
Philippines Indonesia Pakistan Russia Romania Ukraine and South Asia
Thank you…Proverbs 31: 8-9
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