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A TM Pastor Needs Back Surgery

Pastor James (pictured far right) tells us:
“In 2001, I was lifted a stone for removing  fresh water at the small river since then my back was paining. Then the pain was happening after 5-6 months but the pain was not serious that time.  But now, the pain is very serious and I went to the hospital and the doctor had given me advised for x-ray. The X-ray report was not good; my back bone has a piece of broken and split it. I couldn’t move freely and was in deep pain. The doctor told me that I must need operation to remove a piece of broken bone otherwise I couldn’t move freely and will be pain all the time. The doctor told me that I must go to India for this kind of operation. Please pray for my situation so that I may go in India and operation it. I need your prayers because it will be expensive for operation.”


We all know how physical injury can seriously impede our ability to accomplish day-to-day activities. Pastor James travels on foot to share the Gospel to many villages and remote people groups. We pray that his health would be restored in full, so he would not have the worry of aggravating his injury and so he can continue to serve in the work the Lord has given him.
Dear friends and supporters, would you join us in praying for Pastor James’ health and prayerfully consider helping with the cost of this surgery? The total cost for the travel & medical expenses is $5,000 USD. If you would like to help pay for Pastor James’ surgery, you can:
1. Use our paypal at:
2. Send a check to: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

Thank you for partnering with us and our team around the world to reach the lost for Christ!
TM Family and Staff

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