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Back to School Time: School Fees!

Dear friends, Pastor Mark in the Philippines is sending 20+ children to school an needs to pay their school fees. Can you help?! These children include: Some children from Marawi, the two boys begging for food on the beach (they asked Pastor Mark for help!) and the street boys taken in by Pastor Mark’s family. You can see their pictures below. These children cannot stay in school if their fees are not paid.The total cost of school for ALL these children is only 1,250 USD! If you would like to donate towards the cost of school, please go to our Ting Ministries paypal here: (Please go to the button on our website if you are outside the US). Please specify for Philippines school fees.
By helping us, you are an incredible source of encouragement for these children! You are showing them how the Lord provides; what a testament to those who do not yet know Jesus!
To learn more about the many opportunities to become a sponsor for children, pastors, evangelists, and families around the world, visit our Become a Sponsor page

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