Art for Orphans


Update July 11, 2017
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Title-This-Painting Contest! It was so fun to read everyone’s submissions. We had some great titles from “Tiny Birds are Trapped but God Can Free Them” to “Unhidden.” While many titles had something to do with the contrasting of darkness and joy, or one’s adoption journey, there was one title that surprised us all with it’s unique connection.

“Scribbly Gum” submitted by Ting Ministries’ missionary partners in China!
Our Australian friends sent us this title with a brief explanation: “In Australia, we have a tree called a Scribbly Gum. This came to mind when we saw this painting!”
Thank you again! We hoped you enjoyed this contest as much as we did. Be sure to stay on the look out for more Art for Orphans in the future!

Update July 9, 2017
Thanks to everyone who submitted titles. Keep an eye out for the winner to be announced in the next few days!
right, everyone – it’s time to get creative! What do you think the title of Hannah and Ellianna’s painting should be? It’s a bit Jackson Pollack-esqe 🙂 What do you see at the heart of their artwork? The title can be silly or serious – it’s up to you!
The contest will run for a WEEK, until 9 pm on July 9th. The WINNER will receive a print framed copy of the canvas (with the title painted on it), a set of handmade greeting cards, and a Team Ting t-shirt!
A Few Guidelines:
1. Multiple Entries per day accepted! The more, the merrier.

2. Where to Share Your Titles – There will be several “original versions” of this post in the following places: Ting Ministries’ Facebook page, our Facebook event page, Instagram, and our website. If you are submitting a title, please only comment on posts where you see the heading Title-This-Painting Contest! LEAVE YOUR TITLES HERE IN THE COMMENTS. This will make the titles easier to keep track of – we don’t want to miss any! (Make sure you comment on the original, not a shared post). You may also email us at Just clearly indicate it is for this contest.
3. If you want, show us your favorite title by liking the comments as they come in. This is meant to be fun, and something everyone can participate in somehow!
So, without further ado –
Get ready…Get set…GO!

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