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Race to China 2016

Their You Caring site is,
“Hi everyone, this is Sasha – writing for our family and Ting Ministries.
I was adopted from Russia when I was 17 months old. I was headed to a Russian mental institution had I not been adopted. Doctors said I would never walk and would always need special needs classes. Today, I can run a ten-minute mile and I am finishing my first year at Bucknell University with a double major and minor. I also have five younger sisters with special needs that were all adopted from different countries.
God has recently called our family to China.
Today, I would like to introduce you to someone. This is Annie.
Every day, she and her friends pray that a family will come for her. She has 2 months left until her 14th birthday at which time she will age out in China! We believe that Annie will thrive in our family. She has spastic cerebral palsy that affects her upper and lower body and her speech. She has a very bright mind and is a treasure waiting for someone to see her value! Annie has Cerebral Palsy just like me. When I see her picture, I see a future and potential. But unless we get to her in time, Annie will live the rest of her life in an orphanage. She will never know what it is like to have a mama, a papa and sisters. Her dreams will remain only dreams.
But we have to hurry! We have two months to raise 26,000 dollars to bring Annie home forever! We need miracles for every document to be processed at an expedited pace!
Can you imagine her joy when she realizes the Lord has answered her prayers? Imagine how much her faith will be strengthened!
And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3
Words cannot express how deeply I desire to see Annie a part of my family – To be an adopted sister and a sister in Christ.

So today, I plead with you, will you help us bring Annie home?
We have a You Caring page set up at:
Will you help answer Annie’s prayer?
2 months.
26,000 dollars.
Our Race to China has begun…join us!
In a season filled with political campaigns, the need for orphan awareness becomes even greater. Individual candidates have raised up to 224 million dollars. How many adoptions could be funded for the price of a campaign? How many children could have families for the price of television advertising?
You can view us on
You can also visit Sasha’s blog at
Thank you all so much!

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