Animal Rescue, Romania

A Story Like Countless Others

Dear friends,
Enjoy some cute puppies today! Their story is like the story of countless unwanted animals and orphans around the world. The stories are heartbreaking!
I often get told ” Stephanie, you can’t save them all!”
Obviously I know that but I can help those the Lord has laid before me whether it be human or furry animal.
So at 6 am this Thursday, there was a bag left on our gate in Romania. Inside that bag were 4 unwanted puppies. What would you do? Would you let them to suffocate in the bag? No you wouldn’t- I pray that you would do the same and take them in and love them and care for them. They are helpless babies. They did not ask to be born or put in that bag.
This world is getting more crazy and evil is becoming more and more bold! We know that Jesus is coming soon and we know what God’s Word says in the prophetic books and especially my favorite book of the Bible – Revelation!
How did I get from Puppies to the Truth of the Bible? Because it’s all tied together! God’s Word tells us to care for the animals and God’s Word tells us to care for the orphan! Yes, He is talking about human orphan in James 1:27 – Ting Ministries began in 2009 completely focused on caring for the orphan and we have been and continue to do so but by showing kindness and love to those who are incapable of caring for themselves- animals/ puppies / orphans/ widows / slaves / poorest of the poor we can share the Love of Jesus!
This world needs Jesus! These puppies needed food and warmth and love.
I am writing and sharing because Ting Ministries needs the support through prayers, shares and funds. As the world gets more evil- the needs of people and animals grows.
Your help is needed! If God puts it on your heart please consider a generous gift to support Romania or anyone of the other needs that I have been sharing on Facebook, Instagram or our website.
God bless you! Thank you.
Ways to Give: 
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
John 3:16
Romans 10:9-10

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