Meet Rae: Mobility Assistance Needed!

This should hit home to many of Ting Ministries friends. It surely hits me right in my heart!
Today we met Rae! She is a slave laborer on the same kiln that our Ting team is headed to on Saturday to feed many starving slave laborers.
We have daughters who are unable to walk due to brain injury and differing levels of cerebral palsy and spina bifida. I can not imagine them living without means of any mobility!
Rae can not walk! She is only asking for help to purchase a tricycle that peddles by the hands! It’s only $150
We have previously purchased a few other tricycles for others in similar situations.
Can you help us meet her need by tomorrow so that on Saturday when the team goes to feed many hungry souls we can immediately help Rae.
Thank you!
Praise God for the blessings you have!
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042

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