Daily Medical Needs in Pakistan: Still They Worship

Imagine having no access to medical care!
Imagine there is a man who shares about Jesus and Salvation in Him.
Imagine that you hear this man helps those in need despite their status in life. He does not discriminate based on how rich or poor you are or if you are slave or free. He practices what he preaches!
Ting Ministries and the Tin Tin House are sharing the Gospel and many need medical care and immediate help! We don’t want to turn these precious ones away but we need help with funds to meet these needs.
Ting Ministries asks you to join the team and help these precious souls.
Most of those being helped – medically, with food, with freedom, with rescue from trafficking, with education, with rebuilding roofs and clean up from flooding….
They come to church
They attend prayer
They attend Sunday School
They help others in need
They come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and have their lives changed eternally
Represented in the photos I chose to post – (some wounds so severe I can not post or Facebook would cover them or kick me off of Facebook- so I chose more mild photos).
Urgent medical needs from just today. JULY 18TH …new needs happen daily
One of our brothers is dying from medical needs that were not treated soon enough. He leaves behind a wife and 5 children living in great poverty.
One photo shows a widow Ting helped with groceries needing medical treatment from an accident.
One photo shows a family who is in grave danger and are in need of their debt being paid so they can live free and no longer as slaves. Ting Ministries on the ground team can free them and move them to safety. The Ting Team will move them into our “safe community” and meet their basic needs while they begin a new life and new work ! But we need your help! We need you on the team! $670 is all that is needed to free an entire family and meet the needs described above!
One of the photos shows some recently freed Brik kiln slave laborers worshiping Jesus
Please help these brothers and sisters
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street Lebanon Pa 17042
Thank you so very much.
Please share!

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