At Great Cost: Ways to Help in Pakistan

The Gospel is being share at great cost to many.
These photos are just a small snapshot of some happenings in Pakistan! Ting Ministries Team in Pakistan needs your help to continue to share the Gospel and to meet the daily growing needs.
Prayers are urgently needed for 2 new believers and their families who are now being persecuted and need to be moved to safer locations. The locations are already secured but funds are needed to move them. Some of the photos included in this post show a new believer in Jesus sharing the Gospel with friends or family.
Some homes need to be rebuilt and hopefully with better materials so the flooding rains will not so easily wash everything away. Fires also ravage through homes built with sticks and grass. Any help provided will help us to purchase better materials and start the rebuilding process.
Medical needs like the one shown below are met sometimes on a daily basis. The hole in his foot is slowly beginning to heal with treatment paid by kind supporters. Please help us to continue to meet needs like this and many more including young mothers who have no access to medicine for themselves or their young infants. Just yesterday a young girl who is employed by the Tin Tin House and had been a former slave laborer was ill and Ting Ministries’ Pastor rushed her for medical care. Without the help of kind supporters this would not have been possible.
Help Ting Ministries in Pakistan
Ting Ministries
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Mark 16:15
And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.
Thanks for the prayers, the shares and any support!

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