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Celebrating Avi “Tin Tin” in Indonesia

We love you Chyndi!
One little girl who was the least of the least according to the world’s standards – has become a Voice for the Voiceless around the World.
Tin-Tin’s Day in Maluku
Understanding the true meaning of ministry
In my writing this time, I want to discuss the true meaning of ministry.
While writing this post, I remembered a spiritual song in church back in the day. The song most often sung by Sunday school children at the time of offering and at the beginning of worship. A song with movements to awaken the spirit of little children to praise God. A song titled “Do Not Get Tired” I think is a song that is beautifully packaged in some profound sentences about the meaning of a noble work that God desires. Yeah right ! A song that becomes an ‘alarm’ for God’s servants to continually work yields good fruit in God’s farm.
However, did you know that from this song we can learn a lot about the real church service world. It is not easy for us to serve God by doing secular work outside service simultaneously, but the Holy Spirit teaches us not to give up and quickly get tired in serving Him.
According to the Apostle Paul himself in his letter Acts 20:22-24 regarding His calling in the gospel, preaching the Word of God. Many torture he faced, but once again with a firm statement Paul said to forget what lies behind and run towards the goal which is to get the crown of life as a ‘wage’ from every tiredness of working in the field -Yes God.
From the example of the Apostle Paul, I myself realized that responding to a call to serve God is not an easy thing, but I continue to strive to learn to work in His field. Yes! In the field of God. Therefore, let us continue to strive to bear the fruit of good life out of our personal lives as well as in our work in serving God and others.
Believe in the Holy Spirit will always give us strength and ability in life’s most difficult moments to help us overcome every problem.
Service to us is an honor that we have earned, referring to the letter of the Apostle Paul on the meaning of a ministry (1 Timothy 1:12). Get us excited to return to responding to God’s call for ministry He wants.
In practice, the ministry we receive is not easy because we must have a pure heart in helping those around us who need a helping hand. Therefore, with this ministry, we are so blessed through the testimony of our brothers and sisters in God.
For that, with a full spirit and a pure heart in the presence of Allah our Father. Let’s unite our purpose to serve Him back with the fiery Holy Spirit to preach the gospel, serve others and be a blessing to those around us. So that they can see the glory of God through our lives.

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