Animal Rescue, Romania

A Dog Named Starfish

The Starfish On The Beach Story
By Anna Richard
A young girl was walking on a beach. She suddenly came upon thousands of stranded starfish, each of them fighting for their lives in the beating sun, with seagulls and sand crabs nipping at their poor little bodies. The little girl gently started to pick up one starfish at a time, carrying them back into the safety of the ocean. After some time of doing this, a man appeared from the distance. He looked at all the starfish and then at the girl, and asked, “Why are you doing this? Just look at this beach, there are way too many, there is no way you can save them all.” With a starfish in her hands, the little girl looked up at the man, smiled, and said, “Well, it makes all the difference for this one”.
Make a difference for ONE at a time. You can help us reach the poor, orphaned, destitute and slave to find true freedom in Jesus Christ.
See to view a small portion of what is taking place with Ting Ministries teams around the world – Pakistan, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Ukraine, Romania and South Asia and here at home in the USA.
Beautiful “Starfish ” was rescued just this past week in Romania. She is a beautiful puppy who is going to be a gentle giant and her rescue made a difference for her and for those whose life she will touch. She is a symbol of how mercy and compassion shown to can multiply.
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