10 Months Later: Yasim’s Prosthetics

Before and After:

10 months ago, we introduced you to Yasim* (not real name.) Yasim is 24 years old and needed prosthetics after a rickshaw accident left him seriously injured. Without Ting Ministries this would accident could have been debilitating, leaving Yasim with bleak life prospects. We just received updated photos of Yasim standing on his prosthetic legs. Please pray for Yasim, that he would grow stronger and accustomed to his prosthetics. We praise God for the prosthetics and all he wants to do through Yasim’s life!
There are numerous other individuals Ting Ministries is serving through medical outreach in Pakistan, including Christians and those in forced brick kiln labor. If you’d like to give toward these needs, please consider a gift to:
2. Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

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