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TM South Asia Update for April 2018

Our TM Bangladesh leader, Pastor James shares the latest news:

“By the grace of God, we are all doing fine in the ministry and family as well.  Even though we face many difficulties and challenges in our ongoing ministry, He is always with us through the help of the Holy Spirit and gives us new fruits day by day in our ministry. We praise God for His faithfulness and mightily leading us for His Kingdom. To God be the glory!”

This month, our Bengali partners had a seminar for church leaders. Approximately 60 church leaders attended the seminar from different regions and churches. Pastor James says:

“The seminar went very well. They were enjoyed so much for learning many new things at the seminar and receiving seminar. We pray that church leaders would apply what they have learnt from seminar in their respective fields. Please pray for them that they may remain faithful to do in their responsibilities.”

After the seminar ended, our TM Bangladesh teams went to the different villages for follow up. They report the pastors and leaders have been practicing what the seminar taught them to do in their respective fields. They teach one another and they used to do by turn in their responsibilities such as bible study, fellowship, prayer meeting, home visit, the Lord’s Supper, leading worship service and sharing gospel among the unbelieving to their neighbors.

“We praise God for His faithfulness and promises to never leave nor forsake us.”

Our partners tell us that through the Lord’s work, the number of believers is growing daily. This is causing anger among some of the Buddhist population. But Pastor James and our team remain faithful in their work, saying:

“Because God is always with us in every moment, minutes seconds, hours so we do not worry about it. Not only that as a servant of God, we must share the gospel, even though we face many difficulties, threats or any other. Sharing gospel is our duty and responsibility. Nobody can’t stop it. But we need your prayers for this issue so that God will make away for sharing and performing in freedom.”

Please continue to pray for TM Bangladesh. They are so encouraged to know believers from around the world are praying for them and care about furthering the Gospel!

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