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I am Ellianna!

Hi everyone! Ellianna here! 

My mom let me share this exciting news with you on Ting Ministries – I have started my own blog, here at I am Ellianna! As a short introduction to my blog and Facebook page:

“I was adopted from Taiwan and I’m the face of Ting Ministries, a non-profit organization that helps special-needs and teenage orphans all around the world! Even though I’m profoundly deaf and have Cerebral Palsy, I’m a Voice for the Voiceless. I love to paint and you’ll find my Art for Orphans here too. I love my sisters, friends, and walking tacos! Follow my blog to see what I’m up to each day!”

My first official post is coming soon, but for now you can check out My Top 10 List of Things You Should Know about Me by going to this link:

Bye for now! Don’t forget to be a Voice for the Voiceless!

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