A Home for Christmas: Suprise Annie and Her Daddy

“I don’t need sunshine now,
To turn my skies at blue
I don’t need anything but you!” ~Annie and Daddy Warbucks

Hi everyone! This is Sasha, with a very special blog post! Today, I would like to tell you the story of my sister Annie and her very own Daddy Warbucks. Six months ago, Annie was a nameless orphan in China. She would have aged out and become unadoptable, had it not been for one person, who felt called to bring her into our family. My dad. 

My dad, Brian Carpenter is the kindest, most selfless men I know. He is the founder and co-director of Ting Ministries, my family’s non-profit organization that works with teenage and special needs orphans in several countries including: the Philippines, China, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Pakistan. My dad is a stay-at-home parent along with my mom, because running our ministry and taking care of my six younger sisters  with special needs is a full-time job. Many people may not realize this, because my dad so quietly serves and cares for his family, day after day. He is truly a Defender of the Fatherless and although he has given so much already, he wants to help his daughters even more and open his heart and home to even more children.

However, to be able to make his dreams a reality, we need your help. My family’s current house is too small to adequately provide for my sisters needs and to bring more children home. My parents have found a house near my university that is perfect for our needs. This house will allow us to: have plenty of space for wheelchairs and walkers and therapy (my sisters can’t use their walkers in our small hallways now), and have more space so we can bring home more children who need families. A house so close to my school also means I can continue to stay close with my sistersand help with the ministry

In order for us to move into the house, all we need is 20,000 dollars for a rent-to-own deal! Please, as a daughter, who sees how tirelessly my dad works to provide for his family and my sisters, particularly Annie, will benefit, I ask you:

Will you consider making this a Christmas Annie and her daddy will never forget? Please go to

This fundraiser is a complete suprise– my dad has no idea it’s happening! What gift it would be to surpise him with a new house. You see, my dad doesn’t want a bigger house just for himself. He wants it for his children and for the ministry, to help other children who have no family to call their own. Might you consider joining me to affirm my dad’s work and sacrafices? The house is just a material place that our family needs to continue helping my sisters and others. A bigger house means more opportunities for my sisters and for Ting Ministries to grow. To my dad, family is the most important thing. As Daddy Warbucks says with Annie:

“…nothing on earth
Could ever divide us!
And if tomorrow,
I’m an apple seller, too
I don’t need anything but you!
And what’s the title of the dream
That’s just come true…

I don’t need anything…but you!”

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