Wendy from South Asia

My name is Wendy.* I have four children. Two of the children are already growing young and the other two are still young. We work in agriculture as daily laborers.

We have been Buddhist since our grandparents’ generation. When I was young our parents taught us how to worship Budhha idols. Since then I used to worship Budhha idols. One day one of our neighbors told us that our Pastor will be visiting us to share the gospel in our village; you can also join the fellowship to hear the messages of God so that you can know Jesus and enjoy hearing the Gospel.

Then after three days, the Pastor came to our village and organized a fellowship. We joined the event. The Pastor shared about  Jesus Christ’s Second Coming and eternal life. We never heard this kind of good message that was very much exciting for us also. The message was really touching and burning in our hearts. After finishing the fellowship, my husband and I decided personally to invite the Pastor at our house so that he can share more about Jesus. Then he came to our house and shared a lot about the word of God. Then we compared Buddhism and Christianity, it was very much different from Buddhism. Since then we know that Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of Kings. Then we accepted Jesus Christ as our lord and personal Savior.

We have been regularly joining the Bible studies right now. Please pray for us so we may know more about Jesus Christ and share the gospel with those who are still living in the darkness. Pray for our family. Thank you!

*name changed for privacy