Sarah from South Asia

My name is Sarah*.  I have three children. They are still small. My family works all day long at the agricultural cultivation. We suffered every year for our food since we didn’t get sufficient food from the cultivation.

 We have been spirit worshipers since my grandparents. My parents encouraged us to do spirit worship (animal sacrifice) during the harvest time. My parents believed that if they sacrifice animal blood just before the harvesting time, the harvest will be plentiful. But otherwise, we never practiced spirit worship, we just stayed nominal in our beliefs. One day, my husband and I were thinking about life after death. Since we don’t want to believe and stay with spirit worshipers.

We know that there are many religions but we were finding a real God which can give us salvation and eternal life.

One day my husband and I decided to join the fellowship. During the fellowship Pastor shared about God’s love and eternal life. The message was so powerful, comfortable, and touched both of our hearts.  Then our hearts are joyed and completely changed our mind. After finishing the fellowship, we invited the Pastor to our house and shared with us again about Jesus. Then we know that we found Jesus is the real God, Almighty God, and give us eternal life. Since then we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior.

We are always joining fellowship to know more experiences about Jesus. Please remember us in your prayers so we remain strong in the Lord and we may also share  the message that Jesus is a real and Almighty God and can give us eternal life to our neighbours unbelieving people.

*not real name