How We Serve

Learn more about how we serve in the following countries:

 TM Indonesia

Through our former Compassion child, Chyndi, we are serving the poor and vulnerable through local churches.

TM Pakistan

 Our Freedom Fund is providing freedom to brick kiln laborers and their families, including children. Our Tin Tin House has 22+ children, many who have come from the brick kilns, who are receiving education and shelter. We hold medical outreaches and more for brick kiln families and those in the surrounding area. 

TM Philippines

We provide shelter and counseling in our Tin Tin House, named after our Filipina daughter, Avigayil Cristina “Tin Tin.” We support a local orphanage in a predominately Muslim region, promote domestic adoption, outreach to street children and displaced families. We serve children in tribal rebel camps.

TM Romania

We provide essential care items for a family impacted by disability. We also partner with local animal rescuers and our House of Salvation cares for at-risk animals.

TM Russia

Through Sasha’s birth family, we are serving families and children-in-need (including special needs children) through promoting family strengthening in a village and a local city.

 TM South Asia

We serve orphans, tribal groups, and villagers, bringing the Gospel and humanitarian aid to remote areas including a Children’s Home in South Asia.

TM United States of America

We provide adoption, post-adoption, and trauma counseling as well as adoption paperwork advising

Past Work

Though we are not currently active in these countries, Ting Ministries has served in Bulgaria, China and Ukraine. Please click the links to view our past missions.