Essential Ministry Tools

These are common items needed for our ministry partners. These items help us meet practical needs while opening the door to share the Gospel.

Small Business Start-Up for Women (South Asia)

Goal: Match a women’s church ministry group in the USA with a women’s ministry in South Asia and in doing so, provide funding for 60 home businesses for South Asian women.

Cost: A one-time donation of $200 provides 1 family with weaving materials to start a business from home.

Details: A perfect opportunity for a ladies’ Bible study or small group! By partnering with a South Asian women’s ministry from a village, you can support and encourage one another in your service and faith! Alongside fellowshipping with fellow Christian women across the world, together your small group can supply a South Asian woman with weaving supplies to start a small business from her home. Women in the villages of South Asia can create woven art to be sold for profit. These home businesses help provide economic and material security for families in various villages.  Women’s ministry leaders will travel to these villages to follow-up on the business and ministry progress. (To learn about our Women’s Ministry Leaders in South Asia, see below). 

Support a Women’s Ministry Leader to Engage in Full-Time Ministry (South Asia)

Goal: Support selected women ministry leaders to serve in and travel for ministry full-time.

Cost: $300/month.

Details: Our local team in South Asia has selected several Christian women to serve as leaders to oversee the development of women’s ministry. These women are the most mature in their faith and the most able-bodied (to be able to travel across the jungle terrain). Currently, these women oversee ministry progress in multiple villages by visiting once or twice a year. If a leader can be supported monthly, so that their family is provided for while she engages in ministry, this will enable them to visit villages monthly. Thus, our women’s ministry leaders will be able to share the Gospel, develop ministry in villages, and follow-up with on-the-ground projects, such as the small, home weaving businesses. (See above). Supporting our women’s ministry leaders will allow ministry in South Asia to grow, develop, and thrive!

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