The founders and co-directors of Ting Ministries, Brian holds a M.A.R. with a concentration in counseling and Stephanie holds her M.Ed. in counseling with extensive experience in international adoption. The Carpenters have 11 adopted and special-needs children from: Russia, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Ukraine and China. They have first-hand knowledge and experience of caring for special-needs children with needs including: Cerebral Palsy (including spastic quadriplegia); Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; profound Deafness (with cochlear implant); epilepsy; spina bifida; Traumatic Brain Injury; failure-to-thrive; institutional autism; and learning disabilities. Brian and Stephanie have spoken at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Annual Summit.

Together, they have a passion to serve adoptive families and others in the realm of family, marriage and trauma-informed counseling.

If you are interested in learning more about the counseling services Brian and Stephanie offer and the hope of complete freedom found through Jesus Christ, please contact: