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A TM Pastor Needs Back Surgery

Pastor James (pictured far right) tells us:
“In 2001, I was lifted a stone for removing  fresh water at the small river since then my back was paining. Then the pain was happening after 5-6 months but the pain was not serious that time.  But now, the pain is very serious and I went to the hospital and the doctor had given me advised for x-ray. The X-ray report was not good; my back bone has a piece of broken and split it. I couldn’t move freely and was in deep pain. The doctor told me that I must need operation to remove a piece of broken bone otherwise I couldn’t move freely and will be pain all the time. The doctor told me that I must go to India for this kind of operation. Please pray for my situation so that I may go in India and operation it. I need your prayers because it will be expensive for operation.”


We all know how physical injury can seriously impede our ability to accomplish day-to-day activities. Pastor James travels on foot to share the Gospel to many villages and remote people groups. We pray that his health would be restored in full, so he would not have the worry of aggravating his injury and so he can continue to serve in the work the Lord has given him.
Dear friends and supporters, would you join us in praying for Pastor James’ health and prayerfully consider helping with the cost of this surgery? The total cost for the travel & medical expenses is $5,000 USD. If you would like to help pay for Pastor James’ surgery, you can:
1. Use our paypal at:
2. Send a check to: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

Thank you for partnering with us and our team around the world to reach the lost for Christ!
TM Family and Staff

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TM Home for Children Under Construction – Become a Ting Friend Today!

Meet some of the children who will be living in our TM Children’s Home in Bangladesh! Check out the progress! In the meantime, we need just $3,200 to finish construction (for the building with the kitchen/dining room).

Here is the building of the children’s home.

Here is the School building, where Children will get a Christian education.

If you would like to partner with us to help orphaned children out of poverty and trafficking, this is a wonderful way to get involved. At the children’s home, these kids will get a Christian education, daily meals, and a place to sleep, in a family-like setting. By partnering with us, you are changing lives!

Here are pictures of some of the first children that will come to stay at our TM home.







The children can start coming at anytime, as soon as they find someone to support their new life! 

Want to be a Ting friend for a child in Bangladesh? 

Ting ‘s Friends

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.”

What is a Ting Friend?

Ting’s Friends is based on the kind of friendship one finds in Ellianna Ya-Ting, the namesake of Ting Ministries. Like Ellianna Ya-Ting herself, Ting friends: love life, always see the good in others, and don’t hesitate help others in need – with a smile and joyful heart!

A Ting friend:

  • develops a personal relationship with their international Ting friend. You’ll receive pictures and info about your Ting friend. You also have the opportunity to send pictures and notes to your Ting friend through Ting Ministries and our international contacts.
  • becomes a prayer partner with their Ting friend. Approximately every other month, we will forward your individual and family prayer requests to your Ting friend and we will send you prayer requests from your Ting friend.
  • supports their Ting friend financially and emotionally to go to school, grow in their relationship with Christ, and be a source of invaluable support as they grow up. Ting friends can choose to support their friend in our TM Children’s Home for 15 or 30 dollars/month, or 360 dollars/year.

If you would like to give a gift towards finishing the kitchen/dining buiulding:

  1. You can give online at:
  2. Or send a check: Ting Ministries, 29 East Poplar Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

If you would like to become a Ting Friend for one of our Bengali children, please contact us at: We will send you info about your Ting friend!

Thank you for helping us be a Voice for the Voiceless!


South Asia

TM South Asia Update for April 2018

Our TM Bangladesh leader, Pastor James shares the latest news:

“By the grace of God, we are all doing fine in the ministry and family as well.  Even though we face many difficulties and challenges in our ongoing ministry, He is always with us through the help of the Holy Spirit and gives us new fruits day by day in our ministry. We praise God for His faithfulness and mightily leading us for His Kingdom. To God be the glory!”

This month, our Bengali partners had a seminar for church leaders. Approximately 60 church leaders attended the seminar from different regions and churches. Pastor James says:

“The seminar went very well. They were enjoyed so much for learning many new things at the seminar and receiving seminar. We pray that church leaders would apply what they have learnt from seminar in their respective fields. Please pray for them that they may remain faithful to do in their responsibilities.”

After the seminar ended, our TM Bangladesh teams went to the different villages for follow up. They report the pastors and leaders have been practicing what the seminar taught them to do in their respective fields. They teach one another and they used to do by turn in their responsibilities such as bible study, fellowship, prayer meeting, home visit, the Lord’s Supper, leading worship service and sharing gospel among the unbelieving to their neighbors.

“We praise God for His faithfulness and promises to never leave nor forsake us.”

Our partners tell us that through the Lord’s work, the number of believers is growing daily. This is causing anger among some of the Buddhist population. But Pastor James and our team remain faithful in their work, saying:

“Because God is always with us in every moment, minutes seconds, hours so we do not worry about it. Not only that as a servant of God, we must share the gospel, even though we face many difficulties, threats or any other. Sharing gospel is our duty and responsibility. Nobody can’t stop it. But we need your prayers for this issue so that God will make away for sharing and performing in freedom.”

Please continue to pray for TM Bangladesh. They are so encouraged to know believers from around the world are praying for them and care about furthering the Gospel!

South Asia

Freedom from Bondage: Annual Leadership Conference

Last week, our Christian brothers and sisters in Bangladesh held their Annual Leadership Conference. This year’s theme was: Freedom from Bondage.

 The five day conference was attended by leaders of the church, lay leaders, women ministry leaders and youth, with a total of 200 participants, from four different tribal people groups. So each activity and program were arranged each people group in their respective languages.

There were two worship services each day during the conference. Our Ting Ministries partners praise God for His guidance in ministry and the organization of the conference. They felt His blessing, fruitful from the beginning to the end. 
During the conference, there were men and women ministry leaders committee meetings about how  to continue in the work the Lord has placed in their lives and how to become more fruitful in the ministry. There was training to the ministry leaders on different topics as they shared ministry reports from different areas of the country. Together, they encouraged one another, prayed for boldness,  and faithfulness for one another. There were times of fellowship and lots of fun, including: a Bible memory competition to emphasize the importance of staying in God’s word, provide encouragement, and prepare others to share the Gospel. A Gospel song competition to grow interest in Music ministry. Bible quizzes were given throughout the conference to grow everyone’s knowledge of the Bible. and fellowship meals. 

The conference also emphasized Christian leadership among women in the church. Our partners say: We have seen many women characters in the Bible how significant roles they have played. Their characters and roles have inspired, enlightened, and empowered many people in the Bible. Those characters still continue to teach us how to live authentic and God-touched lives.” If women are given proper training, they too can play  a significant role in bringing light to the world and save many lost souls. 

All the people greatly enjoyed the conference. They said the preaching and fellowship was a source of encouragement and blessing. The participants are excited and renewed to take what they learned from the conference and apply it to their respective fields.

Gospel song competition 
Training on church development and spiritual growth 

Sharing about baptism to believers
Prayer for all the newly ordained elders

Sharing the Gospel during Sunday message: “Freedom from Bondage”
Ordination of a new church elder
Below: some of the Bible memory and Gospel song competition winners and awards for those recognized for their ministry work!

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Praise for South Asia: A Big Announcement!

Recently, Ting Ministries was blessed with a donation from generous friends, whom we met through Christian Alliance for Orphans. Thanks to their gift and support of Ting Ministries, we have a very big announcement to share with you!

We have enough funds to: build the children’s home, support the Pastors’ families for a year, and buy a motorbike! We are so grateful for your support, and thought you might like to hear Pastor James’s thanks as well:

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! Hallelujah! God is good all the time, all the time God is so good! Thank you so much for good news! Our God is a living God and Almighty and faithful God. He answered our prayers in His perfect timing! To God be the glory! I really give to thanks to [the donor family] for donating everything to God. This is GREAT and AMAZING! God will bless them abundantly and we will be keeping on praying for them.”

Read more about our plans for the children’s home.