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Not Only in Word, But Also in Deeds: Masha and Marichka

From our partners at Bible Orphan Ministry.

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“Do you see these beautiful young ladies? At first glance, they seem to be happy, enjoying meal and having a great time… Yes, they are enjoying food for the first time in a few days!!! Can you believe it??? When I asked them what you ate in the morning? We did not have breakfast today. What did you eat yesterday? Nothing. How about the day before yesterday? Only tea … It’s terrible! How you would feel, if you are a young mother expecting a baby? 

Marichka (in pink) and Masha, two girlfriends and are going through a very, very difficult time now… They share not only their clothing but also joy and problems. Marichka should give birth to a baby girl in January. Her baby does not feel very well. Bad medical tests. Later we will know more details. Her belly is so tiny that you can not even tell that she is pregnant at all… And this is on the 7th month!!! Marichka often starves… In a month she has nowhere to go! Masha is already homeless! Today we just met with each other by a miracle! This is another story. But anyway, if we had not met, Masha would have spent the night in the street today! And maybe even one more night, two, a week, a month… It’s very cold, windy and rain. In some parts of Ukraine it is already snowing! Can you imagine this? The young lady all alone and hungry on the street? What would have happened, if it had not been God’s mercy to this precious young lady? Even scary to imagine …

We found a temporary housing for Masha. But we do not know what to do next? How to be? We just can not leave these abandoned children on the street! Both girls do not have winter clothes and a lot of necessary things. They are both feeling cold today and now! And for this reason they got sick. Marichka needs medicines to ensure that her baby girl will be healthy. She tries hard and she needs help. A young mother loves her darling daughter and worries about her. They worked some time ago and earned 25.00 uah per day($0.90)! Yes, Yes! 25uah per day($0.90)! This is less then a $1.00 !!! They quit this job because it’s not enough to eat at least once a day!!! Can you imagine what they feel these days??? Hungry, barefoot, without necessary clothing, cold, lonely, without hope, disappointment, 

Both girls were crying today…could hardly hold back tears so as not to burst into tears. Our hearts are broken. Thousands of thoughts in the head. What to do? How to be? Now the tears running down the face. Pain. A terrible pain for these orphaned children… It tears your heart into a million pieces… 

Dear friends, we need the mercy of God!!! Please, pray with us about these two precious souls!! Pray that God has blessed and revealed to us His will. We have some thoughts on how to help these two sweet young ladies, but is there a will of God in this? If not, then God would show us and open other door. Pray that God will send funds to buy the necessary clothes and food for the first time, while Masha will find work and Marichka as well. Since she is expecting the baby, we are not sure that she will be able to work. God already answered to many your prayers! 

Will you help please to show the love of Christ to these poor and lonely souls, not only in words but also in deeds? That they are not alone, that they are precious and loved? To give them hope and their hearts would opened to Jesus Christ, where they can find rest for souls, joy and grace. Every donation is precious and greatly appreciated!

One time gifts for food and medicine or monthly sponsors of 30 or 60 dollars welcome! 

To send gift of love through PayPal:
or send a check:

Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
Ting Ministries
904 State Drive
Lebanon, PA 17042

Please, leave a note “For Marichka or Masha”. 

Thank you very much! May God bless you!

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Breaking the Flask for Orphans


Church – where are you?  
Where are the families?  

As obvious as it may seem, orphans do not want to be orphans. They want to be in a family. They want to be loved just like you and I want to be loved. (From “Adoption and the Gospel” by Gerry Clark – a must read).

There are approximately 37 million Christian churches worldwide.  There are approximately 153 million orphans. 15 million of these orphans have lost both parents. Not all of these 153 million orphans are adoptable, but for the sake of making this point, let’s say they all are adoptable.

Do the math. Only 4 children would need to be adopted per church worldwide to eradicate the orphan crisis. Only 4 orphans per church….

Here in the USA, there are 400,000 total children in the foster care system. 100,000 of these children are waiting to be adopted. There are approximately 350,000 churches in the USA. Look at the numbers – that is only 1 child being adopted by every third church.

Where is the church – the believers who are the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth?

We have often been asked, “Why do you want her when you could adopt any other healthy child in the whole orphanage? Why her? What value will her life ever hold?”  Our daughter Avigayil was the child with the highest special-needs in her whole orphanage in the Philippines. Believe it or not, I have heard it said about children who died alone in orphanages before they were adopted:  “Well, at least maybe they smiled and made a caregiver feel useful. Perhaps their life made the caregiver feel good.  At least if they die, they will go to heaven and be with Jesus where they will be healed and loved.  Isn’t that even better than suffering?” 

What? Dying alone in an orphange is better than knowing the love of a family?

It is true that the ultimate answer is yes.  One day, we will all die and these children who never had the ability to understand salvation will go to be with Jesus when they die. Yet, isn’t this answer just relieving us of our guilty feelings?  Our guilt at not seeing and then, when we do see –  our guilt at not opening our own hearts or home to a child in need. Our refusal to answer God’s call to care for the Least of These. 

This past week, we have seen the flooding in Texas and the horrors of the extreme need. In this time of crisis, we have come together – people are jumping to action and stepping up to care for others. Our hearts go out for the people caught in this tradgedy and we, like countless others, feel burdened to help and glad to see people rallying together for Texas. 

But I say there is a crisis happening every day. The orphan crisis. It has been occurring for years on end, for child after child, that most refuse to see.  We need to open our eyes and work with the same fervor and compassion that has gripped our country to allieviate the suffering of the amazing folks in Texas. By doing so, we can make a difference in the lives of all the orphans. Yes, all the orphans – remember the statistics. 
It is completely possible.  

Now, back to the question of why we should adopt a child like Avigayil. Let us respond with a simple question. 

Why not her?  

God called us to her and asked us to go. What makes Avigayil any less deserving of a family and love than any other child?  Every child deserves to be loved and know what family is. In His Word, God commands us to Go and care for the Least of These.  He does not have conditions.  He does not say, “Go and care for some…but not those who are looked down upon in the eyes of the world.” He says “Go and care for the orphans and widows in their distress…” (James 1:27). All of them. 

We have also been asked, “What value does Avi’s life have as a completely dependent child with a severe disability?”  She has as much value to us as parents as our daughter Sasha who also defied the odds placed on her life.  To the world, Sasha, who is an intelligent, gifted academic, an honors student, appears to have more value in life than Avigayil. 

I completely disagree.  

They both have equal value and both have equal right to be loved and to be adopted because both were created by God.  Galatians 4: 4-5: “But when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman, subject to the law.  God sent him to buy freedom for us who were slaves to the law so that he could adopt us as his very own children.”

I believe we have it all upside down and that children like Avigayil are not here for us to teach them but rather – for them to teach us.  Avigayil’s life is priceless and God has used her to start a whole ministry in the Philippines. Already, because of her life, countless other children now have a mother and father and know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Avigyail’s life has blessed our lives more than words can express, but we do not adopt because we expect to be blessed.  Indeed, we do not become Christians because we expect to be blessed. Theologian Oswald Chambers in some of his “Utmost for His Highest” devotionals says this: “We must continually remind ourselves of the purpose of life.  We are not destined to happiness nor to health but to holiness. Today we have far too many desires and interests and our lives are being consumed and wasted by them.  Many of them may be right, noble, and good and may later be fulfilled, but in the meantime God must cause their importance to us to decrease (From September 1).

If we believe in Jesus, it is not what we gain for ourselves, but He pours through us that really counts. As Oswald Chambers eloquently writes: “’When Mary of Bethany broke the flask […] of very costly oil […] and poured it on Jesus head,’  it was an act for which no one else saw any special occasion; in fact, there were some who […] said,  ‘Why was this fragrant oil wasted?’ (Mark 14: 3-4). But Jesus commended Mary for her extravagant act of devotion.” (My Utmost for His Highest, September 2).

I greatly suspect, in our prioritizing of value and importance, we have it backwards and upside down.  Our Lord is filled with overflowing joy whenever He sees any of us doing what Mary did – not being bound by a particular set of rules, but being totally surrendered to Him. God poured out the life of His Son ”that the world through Him might be saved” (John 3:17).  Are we prepared to pour out our lives for Him? Are we prepared to give of ourselves for a child like Avi, whom the rest of the world sees no value in? For if Jesus was pleased with Mary’s sacrifice, how pleased must He be when we care for a child like her – the least of the Least of These.

That is ultimately what adoption is – pouring out of your life for Him.  Are you prepared? The truths Oswald Chambers so fittingly stated are at the heart of the question: will you adopt? Will you step out of your comfort zone and your comfortable life and care for the Least of These. Will you break the flask, as Mary did, regardless of how wasteful others may regard your decision? “Now is the time for us to break the flask of our lives to stop seeking our own satisfaction and to pour out our lives before Him.  Our Lord is asking who of us will do it for Him. (Oswald Chambers Utmost for His Highest September 2).

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They Turned Around and Crucified: Sad News about V

For those who may not have heard, Ting Ministries has sad news. Little V, who we advocated for and who had found a family, passed away before she could come home. We wanted to wait for official confirmation to share this news.V urgently needed a liver transplant.
Little V died waiting for her family to come.
Children die waiting for families every day. They age out. What happened to V is terribly sad – even more so because it should have never happened in the first place. If a family had come forward for her sooner, it is likely she would have survived. When Christ told us to “Go, and care for the orphans and widows in their distress,” he did not say “Go and care… AFTER you get everything under control. After you have enough money. After you have enough people supporting you.” How many people supported Jesus when he was doing ministry? Didn’t the very people who supported him turn around and crucify him? Our Lord did not call us to live comfortable lives.
Today, in honor of V, please look at these children from Eastern Europe that we added to our Waiting Child List. To learn more about a child, go to the Waiting Child Advocacy page. (Contact us for the password).

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Sponsors Needed for Bangladeshi Pastor Families!

Imagine you are pastor or evangelist in remote Bangladesh. You risk your life every day to share the love of Christ. When you go out in the morning, you know you may not return to your wife and children at home. To reach other villages, you must traverse through jungles and rivers. You face immense persecution but know the Lord has called you to this life of ministry.

Dear Friends – There are 5 Ting Ministries’ families in Bangladesh that need sponsors to continue reaching villages, orphans, and tribal children with food, clothing, and the Gospel. It is their families’ and Pastor Sanga’s desire that they would be able to do this ministry full-time. Currently, these families are living on nothing. In order to carry on the ministry and care for their families, each pastor/evangelist needs a sponsor! This sponsorship will provide:

          • Living expenses for them and their families
          • Travel supplies
          • Housing
          • Salary
full sponsorship of 200 dollars per month will provide everything needed for the family’s basic necessities. If you cannot commit to a full sponsorship but still want to help, please don’t be discouraged! Partial sponsors of 100, 50, 20 dollars, or whatever you can give will help! A one-time donation of 2,400 dollars will provide for the families for whole year! Please consider how you can help these pastors and evangelists today. It may seem like a lot, but if you consider living on 200 dollars a month, it is not much at all…Can you give up eating out two times a month to help and encourage these families?

If you would like to be a monthly sponsor: Email with your name and mailing address. We will send a sponsorship form for you with a picture and information on the pastor or evangelist you would like to help!

If you would like to give a one-time donation: Please use the PayPal button at the side of our website. Or, make a check out to Ting Ministries and send it to 904 State Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042. Please specify for Bangladesh Family Sponsorship. Thank you

Family 1

Family 2

Family 3

Family 4

Family 5

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Here is a Fact. Children Are Dying.

Here is a fact. Children are dying. Today, “merry and radiant” S,” with her beautiful smile, aged out and will be transferred to an adult mental institution for the rest of her life.
An adult mental institution. S will never have a sister to paint her nails, never know the joy of getting on the bus to go to school, never have a family to laugh with. Instead, because of her disability, she is now condemned to an institution. Autobiographies of adopted children and documentaries tell us what goes on in these places – inhabitants are drugged daily, locked in rooms, some are left naked – and more horrendous things. Can you imagine how terrifying it will be for S, who is capable of understanding?

Thinking of S, I am reminded of the words of Marc Ching, who works with rescued dogs. This is not the first time his words about abandoned animals have been fitting for orphans. He said: “Sometimes I wonder, why fight when the world does not want to fight with you. Why believe we can change things, when the people that have the power to – they do not care.”
Do we really care? Or are we too busy to even share a post so more people can see a child’s story? I pray we are careful we do not become accustomed to convincing ourselves “Someone else will do something.” Why do we fight? Because it is a command to go. James 1:27.
Yes, God is the ultimate Defender of the Orphans – but He calls us, His people to be His hands and feet on this earth. We have the resources to save children like S – but only if we want to. If the over 1,000 people who saw her post had given only 40 dollars…her adoption would have been completely paid. On days like today, it won’t matter how many likes, comments or shares a post got.
Only a family would’ve changed S’s life.
Christ adopted us – and the price of the adoption was His life. We are called to lay down our lives (John 15:13). This means truly giving something up. The next time we see an aging out child, what will we be willing to do about it?