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Back to School Time: School Fees!

Dear friends, Pastor Mark in the Philippines is sending 20+ children to school an needs to pay their school fees. Can you help?! These children include: Some children from Marawi, the two boys begging for food on the beach (they asked Pastor Mark for help!) and the street boys taken in by Pastor Mark’s family. You can see their pictures below. These children cannot stay in school if their fees are not paid.The total cost of school for ALL these children is only 1,250 USD! If you would like to donate towards the cost of school, please go to our Ting Ministries paypal here: https://www.paypal.me/Tingministries (Please go to the button on our website if you are outside the US). Please specify for Philippines school fees.
By helping us, you are an incredible source of encouragement for these children! You are showing them how the Lord provides; what a testament to those who do not yet know Jesus!
To learn more about the many opportunities to become a sponsor for children, pastors, evangelists, and families around the world, visit our Become a Sponsor page

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Making Disciples: Update from Bangladesh

Dear friends – we have much tor rejoice about in Bangladesh! Thank you to those who have been praying for our TM family and missionaries. Pastor Sanga says:

“We had fellowship, follow-up, more teaching, sharing more on church and congregations leading, making discipleship, gave them encouragement. We knew that our teaching, training and seminar are not vain but it’s fruitful and effective. We had also women seminar on Christian family and women leadership in the ministry. The seminar went very well. They are very much pleased such kind of seminar for women.”

TM missionary sharing the gospel

Sharing the Gospel with unreached people 

The women’s seminar on Christian family ministry
Teaching on discipleship

The women’s seminar on leadership in the ministry

Our TM team in Bangladesh has planted 8 churches in various villages and there were 15 people who came to know Christ! Praise the Lord! Please pray for the strengthening of their faith and for their neighbors who still do not know Jesus. Here are some photos of baptisms:

Time of prayer for those who have been baptized

Our TM missionaries also spent time with the youth, singing and worshiping and praying with the sick…

Pastor Sanga says: “After prayer she was healed in the name of Nazareth Jesus! Praise the Lord!”

This woman’s stomach pains lessened after prayer! Imagine what a testimony of Christ and encouragement!

How encouraging to know we have new brothers and sisters in Christ, halfway across the world. Please continue to keep TM partners in your prayers – they face heavy persecution and risk, but this is why they continue! Please pray for their safety, particularly as heavy flooding has damaged many roads in Bangladesh this month. If you would like to help our TM pastors and missionaries continue their ministry, there are several ways to help!

1. We are raising funds for a motorbike. It costs about 2,404 dollars and will help our team get to villages more quickly and safely. Right now they are traversing the jungle and crossing rivers and the journeys take days. A motorbike is a practical need and one that will help spread the Gospel to even more lost souls!

2. There are some ongoing needs. We have 5 Pastor’s families waiting for sponsors! Things like clothing outreaches are also made possible through your support. 

This pastor and his family need a sponsor!
3. You can make a one-time donation by a) using the PayPal on our website. b) Send a check to Ting Ministries, 904 State Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042. Please specify what you would like the donation to be used for (100% goes to your specified program).

Though the needs may seem overwhelming, there are lots of ways you can get involved – even 5 dollars makes a difference! You can know that your gift will be of great encouragement! Please join us in praying for our TM family, as they are praying for us!
James 1:27, Mark 28:19

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An Encouraging Day for Team Hope!

Wow! Pastor Mark and Team Hope had a wonderful day today. They have been traveling to evacuation centers and spending time with the children at each one. They bring supplies, play with the children, and share the love of Jesus! See Team Hope in Action!
It is all possible thanks to YOU, our supporters! Thank you to those who donated to make the children’s relief program possible! Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to keep Team Hope in your prayers as they are travelling to another evacuation center tomorrow!

Team Hope at the evacuation center

Speaking with the children

Unpacking supplies

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Completed: Marawi Children’s Relief: Emergency Update (Part 2)

UPDATE 7/26/17: Our goal for the Children’s Relief is FULLY FUNDED! Thanks to everyone who gave, prayed, and shared. Stay tuned for more updates as Pastor Mark continues working in Marawi. 

To see the first update and pictures from Marawi please go to this post. 

A collection of updates from Pastor Mark on the ground in Marawi. 

Pastor Mark: “This is one of the kids and his name is Andrew* (not real name). He told me that he was brainwashed to join the ISIS. He wants to go with me to Zamboanga… oh… I really wanted to cry!”
Oh, how our hearts ache for Andrew. Please keep him in your prayers! Just imagine how many countless children there are in similar situations. 

The children asked Pastor Mark if they could have a party. Not part of the original plan, the team put together an instant party for these children who have been uprooted, traumatized, and on high-alert since the ISIS attack. Here you can see what Pastor Mark is seeing: children finally being children again in Marawi.
The children Pastor Mark is helping Marawi fled their homes. Right now, they are living in tents and many of them did not even have a pair of underwear. Can you imagine? They were so happy to just receive one new pair of underwear. 

580 dollars is needed to reach our goal – so every child can be helped by the relief program and recieve food, clothing, toys, etc. If you want to give a gift of love to these children, who have been displaced and/or orphaned by ISIS, you can: 1. Use the PayPal on the side of our website. 2. Send a check to Ting Ministries, 904 State Drive, Lebanon PA 1702. Thank you dear friends! You are making a world of difference for these children.

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Help Provide a Motorbike for Bangladesh

A TM evangelist climbing with a pack of shoes for village children

Dear friends, thank you for your support of Ting Ministries and our families, pastors, missionaries, and children all around the world. We could not be doing this without your help. 

One of our areas of work is with pastors and unreached tribal groups in Bangladesh. TM missionaries face heavy persecution, while risking their lives to travel through the jungles to reach remote villages. Yet they persevere because they are called to share the gospel. Right now, they are walking and climbing through the jungle; the journeys are arduous, taking several days and facing obstacles on the way. For the safety of the team and to make the trips faster, we would like to meet the need of a motorbike for TM Bangladesh. The motorbike will cost 2,404 USD. 

Can we come together to help provide a motorbike? Pastor Sanga and his team thank you for your help. They are always so grateful – imagine how blessed they will be, knowing people across the world care about their protection and about sharing the love of Jesus! 

If you would like to give towards the motorbike: 
1) Use the PayPal button on the side of our website.
2. Write a check out to Ting Ministries, 904 State Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042. 
Please specify Motorbike for Bangladesh