Animal Rescue

Ting Ministries believes there is something special in the bringing together hurting children and hurting animals from around the world.

Orphaned animals and children have both experienced loss and trauma. When the two are brought together in a family, it is incredible to watch the healing unfold. This is why we at Ting Ministries have a heart for both orphan and animal rescue. We have partnered with several animal shelters and rescues in different countries.

Shelter Friend – Ukraine (Website and on Facebook).

This non-profit charity and rehabilitation center is located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The Carpenters’ daughter Olyvia was from this same region of Ukraine. Ting Ministries is personal friends with the director of this locally-based organization. Shelter Friend currently cares for over 500 abandoned street dogs in Ukraine. International adoptions are welcome!

The Laika Fund for Street Dogs (Also on Facebook here).

The Laika Fund is a non-profit organization based in Canada that works to help street dogs around the world. Our friends at The Laika Fund have several main areas of operation: Romania, Kosovo, India, Thailand, and Belize, (as well as the UK for fostering/re-homing some of the dogs). They emphasize their global vision – making positive changes for street dogs everywhere – and have built a network of 100% volunteers to assist in transport, fostering, and rescue.


Saving and Protecting Animals Rescue Team Activists is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ting Ministries has contacts in this group that work to find forever homes for rescued dogs.